We work with all types of people regardless of their activity level and profession. From sedentary office workers to international circus performers.

We can accurately assess your movement and function and use that as a starting point to enhance your health and athletic development. Changing your life for the better.

If the answer to any of the questions below is "yes", hit the book online button and choose physiotherapy.

  • Tired of having an injury that is affecting your activity and way of life?
  • Want to get back to being active ASAP?
  • Not managing to lacrosse ball or foam roller your injury back to health?
  • Is your warm up taking longer than your actual workout?
  • Need an accurate diagnosis?

Sometimes no matter how conscientious you are or how much you hope your body will fix itself - the reality is you’re probably fooling yourself. You’re injured, and you need professional help.

Our physiotherapists aim to restore you back to pain-free fitness so you can continue doing the things you love.


An unhurried, 55 minute initial consultation.

We will ask you several questions to ascertain your health history, your health status right now and your lifestyle and exercise habits.

We may well ask you about your state of “wellness”, your pain levels, and any specific training goals or targets you may have.

We may analyse various elements of your physical capacity (posture, balance, flexibility, strength and power) and see how this relates to your ability to thrive in your sport, hobby, discipline or workplace.

We are trained to perform a variety of tests, using a combination of observation, orthopaedic tests, and hands-on palpation to ascertain the source of the problem - not just offer a short ineffective patch-up.

We will also identify:

  • HOW your body may be compensating
  • HOW well it works under load
  • HOW well your body is balanced between left and right side
  • WHERE the weak points are in your system.

We preferably like to assess you in your ‘natural habitat’ so may ask you to bring in training videos or bring in your instrument if you are a musician, for example.

We allow time to discuss and explain our findings, explore your expectations, discuss what treatments options are available and explain how each treatment will help you to obtain the result you are looking for.


These can be 30 or 55minutes depending on what you require. More complex problems, multiple problems or sessions that require a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription and other observations or treatments would benefit from 55minute follow ups.

30minute follow ups work well for less complex problems and for regular rehabilitation or top-up/maintenance treatments.

We offer a discount of 10% if you purchase 5 follow up sessions (30min or 55min).

A typical “episode of care” requires roughly 5 sessions to see better lasting results.


We devise treatments using a combination of education, hands on treatment, strength and conditioning and exercise prescription to ensure that you practice, posture and movement becomes more deliberate, corrective and curative.

We want to ensure that you have the resources and know-how in order to ‘build’ a better body, to move more intelligently and gain more resilience in your system.

In this way, you can go about your training and day to day activities in better shape and with less risk of injury.

Sometimes you may need to be referred on for further medical evaluation such as scans. We can also assist with this process via the NHS or private pathway. We have a network of orthopaedic specialists we have long-standing relationships with and can always point you in the right direction that you need to move a step closer to better health.

Typical things we treat are

Low back pain | Neck ache | Shoulder pain | Joint pain | Headache | Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems | Elbow, wrist and hand problems | Nerve pain | Muscle strains | Repetitive strain injury | Sports injuries | Post surgical rehabilitation

What do we usually find and how can we help make you better?

Well, the cause of injury, pain and poor health can be complicated to truly get to grips with. It is almost certainly due to a combination of factors that need attention. Our main focus is to identify those physical barriers, explore other potential obstacles (like poor sleep, poor hydration, high stress etc) and provide you with the resources you need in order to get well and heal, or get stronger and more athletic.

Sometimes it’s simply a skill and technique issue, but more often the body is lacking in an important department such as flexibility, balance, strength or posture.

Asymmetry of posture and poor spinal protection are another two of the major causes of injury we see in clinic. We can help you correct asymmetries and improve your spinal mechanics and teach you how to protect your spine in all aspects of your life and training.