The circus community

Acrobats - Aerialists - Jugglers - Riggers - Budding beginners through to professional performers

Unlike other mainstream therapy clinics, Perform Health have accumulated over 10 years of experience working directly alongside circus students, hobbyists and professional performers in circus schools and various professional training facilities.

We understand the physical risks involved in training, appreciate what you are risking when doing so, and what the consequences could be of failure. Circus training by its very nature often stretches the realm of the possible and the dimensions of human achievement. Most of the injury risks are gravity related (falling or dropping), overuse, or forcing beyond the body tissue’s capacity. Often, thresholds of tissue tolerance are ignored and quality and control of movement is not respected.

Our approach is simple. We like to focus on your possibilities of achievement and maximise your potential. We analyse your body type, its physical ability, its state of health and set you up with an appropriate plan. It could be a simple one-off consultation for diagnostics and advice, a short cycle of sessions to create longer term positive changes in both your physicality and your behaviour, or a long-term strategy to protect yourself from future injury and improve your physical longevity.


Rosannah Riess, Professional Aerialist. : “Working with Perform Health has been fantastic. It was immediately clear that they understand the physical challenges of being a circus artist and they have specific understanding of the stresses involved with each discipline. During the session time, they are able to provide physical treatment in the form of both massage and exercises. They also provide good instructions on further exercises to be done on your own. The ease of my performance and the quality of my work improved dramatically after treatment and the positive results have grown as I apply the exercises they have taught me. I recommend Perform Health as friendly, knowledgeable, and bringing a great depth of experience to each session. I am so glad to have had the chance to work with them.”
Merecedes Martin, Acrobatic Artist, Duo Laos. : “I work as part of an acrobatic duo called Duo Laos. I had a ACL surgery last March 2016 following a fall and chose Perform Health for my pre-rehabilitation process and post surgery rehabilitation as I was confident they knew what I needed as a circus performer operating at this busy level. Their work is excellent, a great combination of full information about all injuries, giving confidence, supporting all the different stages of rehabilitation with big knowledge plus psychological support. Having the sensitivity to understand our work and the relationship with our bodies. I totally recommend their work.”