Perform Health is managed and led by James Wellington, physical therapist, educator and researcher.

Perform Health proudly stands apart from generic high-street healthcare clinics and is a market leader in circus and performing arts medicine. In the clinic, we deal mainly with musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation, performance optimisation and the management of discipline / activity-related injuries. We most commonly help practitioners of circus, dancers, muscians and other active people - able-bodied and disabled.

We aim to serve the needs of individuals of all ages and abilities – elite and professional performers and athletes, weekend warriors, circus and dance hobbyists, youth athletes – with our world-class team.

Our vision and core purpose

We are a pioneering company dedicated to improving the healthcare and treatment of performing artists. Our purpose is to offer comprehensive healthcare provision to performing artists and active people in the ever-growing community.

We have developed a model of working that continues to give great satisfaction to our clientele. We are proud to have developed an evolving team that is infused with this joint vision and are proud to be part of Perform Health. A team who understands the positive impact that Perform Health is seeking to make, who are outward thinking, able to be adaptive in their approach. Since we have been in operation we have made real changes in inspring and treating thousands of performers.

We aim to encourage behaviour change in order to protect and increase your resilience to injuries and the streses and strains of your lifestyles.